State of the Church 2014: Every Work of Faith

Christ Reformed Evangelical Church exists to do one thing: to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. This is the chief end of man, and it is our chief end as a congregation. We seek to glorify and enjoy God upwardly through worship, inwardly through our life together as a community, and outwardly by carrying Christ’s mission out into the world.

Worship: Our worship at CREC is one of our chief glories. By God’s grace, the worship that we engage in is reverent, joyful, biblical, and honoring to God. What we have here is a holy people celebrating a holy liturgy, and this pleases our holy God.

Probably the biggest change in our worship is the building that we are finally worshiping in. One of our three prayer requests from last year was that God would provide a facility, and God has answered in a wonderful way. Having our own building will present us with both opportunities and challenges, and one of the topics we will be spending time on this year will be how to inhabit this building in a way that pleases God. Because of this, our first of three new prayer requests for 2014 is this: Pray that we would use our new building to worship God rightly.

Community: Our main focus in 2013 was on community, and we spent a great deal of time preaching through the early chapters of Acts, where we see the clearest picture of Christian community. As a result, we understand better what community means, and we are taking steps towards living it out. We still have a long way to go, but we are headed in the right direction. With the added blessing of this new building and the increased visibility that it offers and the sense of rootedness that it brings, we are hoping that many more couples, families, and singles will come to join our community of worshipers, so that God might be glorified in an even greater way.

God Himself is seeking worshipers, and the first thing He does when He finds them is to join them to a worshiping community. And so our second prayer request for this year is a request that our congregation would grow by seven new households in 2014. Of course, God could bring many more than seven and He could bring fewer than that. Our job is to receive His providence with thanks regardless. But Scripture tells us that we have not, because we ask not, and so this year, we are asking Him for this specific blessing, and looking forward in expectant hope for His answer.

Mission: The third aspect of our church’s life is mission, spreading the life of the kingdom through word and deed into the world around us. In 2014, we are shifting our focus from community to mission, hopefully building on the lessons of last year as we step forward in faith. As we listen to God speak through His Word, we will being paying special attention to how He wants to use us to accomplish His mission. And so our third prayer request for 2014 is that we would develop a clear and simple mission strategy, and begin to carry it out. The Great Commission tells us what the mission is, and what we want to figure out is how God is calling our congregation to play a part in that work. There are a million possibilities; we want to identify just a few of them and get to work.

These are the things we praying for and working towards in 2014. Pray that we would use our new building to worship God rightly. Pray that our congregation would grow by seven families. Pray that we would develop a clear and simple mission strategy, and begin to carry it out. These are our resolves for good, our works of faith for the coming year, and we want God to be glorified in us in these particular ways, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Posted on Thursday, January 23, 2014 by CJ Bowen