The School of Practical Christianity 2.0

Given by: Pastor Dave Hatcher
Hosted by: Christ Reformed Evangelical Church of Annapolis
1841 Generals Hwy; Annapolis, MD 21401

Dates: Tuesday, June 9, Wednesday June 10, and Thursday, June 11
Time: 7:00 p.m.—1st talk; 8:00 pm—2nd talk; 8:50—Q & A (each night)

Invitation: Open to all, free of charge

“Several years ago (some would say a generation ago), there were several pastors who taught several conferences in this area they called the School of Practical Christianity. These talks were instrumental in the lives of many, bringing some to saving faith, breaking the bonds of sin in the lives of others, and providing deep and practical knowledge of God for those who attended.

In the same spirit, many of us wish to pass on these gifts and other teachings that God has been so kind to give us, gifts that have shaped the way we think about family and about being light in this dark world around us. It is my pleasure to begin this with a series of talks over three nights. The first will be on a Biblical, Practical and Helpful View of Marriage. The second will be on Raising Children who will Stand with You in the Gates. And the Third will be on Practical Ways of Being Salt and Light in Your World.”

Dave Hatcher has been the pastor of Trinity Church (CREC, Kirkland, WA) for sixteen years. He first attended the School of Practical Christianity in the early ‘90s here in the Annapolis area. Dave is married to Kim and together they have six wonderful children walking with them in the Lord, along with their first grandchild who is their new delight.

Contact Ken Trovato with any questions at: 443-994-4444

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