The Fox and the Chickens

The Great Farmer raised some chickens for Himself, and placed them in a wonderful farmyard called Jerusalem. In the middle of this farmyard, He built a magnificent coop called the temple, where the chickens could come and be fed, and where they would be kept safe.

But the chickens forgot the Farmer, and let the coop fall into disrepair. They starting looking elsewhere for food and safety. They soon encountered a friendly fox who was more than willing to help them repair their coop. He loved those chickens so much that he moved in and lived very close to them. Strangely, in spite of his help and his promises to protect them, the chickens grew fewer and weaker, while the fox grew fatter and fatter.

The Farmer knew what the fox was really up to, and despite the fact that the chickens had forgotten Him and turned away from Him, He sent many farmhands to clear the fox and his influence out of the yard. But whenever they came, the chickens just pecked them to pieces while the fox smiled a sly smile and brushed a few feathers from his mouth.

Finally the Farmer sent a Mother Hen to gather those foolish chickens under her wings and save them from the fox. As the Hen made her way towards the yard, a few of the wiser chickens realized what would happen if the Hen got too near the fox, and came to warn her not to come any closer. “Get away from here, for the fox wants to kill you.”

The Hen replied, “You tell that fox, “Behold, I will heal and help these chicks today and tomorrow, and on the third day, I will make it to the coop. Even though the threat of death hangs over the yard, nevertheless, I must continue caring for my brood all the way to the coop, because that is where heart of this corruption is. That is where everyone that the Farmer sends always dies, but death will not keep me from coming to save my brood.”

But as the Hen drew nearer and nearer to the yard with the coop at the center, more and more chickens began to peck at Her, protesting that she was causing problems for them. “Stay away, Mother Hen, and stop trying to cram us all under your wings!” Again and again the Hen sought to save the chickens, and again and again they refused her help. They ran away from the Hen, back into the path of the fox.

When it became clear that instead of welcoming the Hen’s help, the chickens who ruled the roost were actually in league with the fox, the Hen sadly declared that the coop was no longer safe for the chickens. The Hen foretold that since it had become a fox’s den, the coop that the Farmer had made to be a place of blessing and shelter and peace would be destroyed. The Farmer was finished with the coop. The only place left to receive the Farmer’s blessing was under the wings of the Hen that He had sent.

And the only way those chickens would receive that blessing was if they changed their attitude toward the Hen. The chickens needed to stop rejecting the Mother Hen. They needed to bless the Hen, instead of cursing her. They needed to acknowledge that the Mother Hen was the one sent by the Farmer to save them, and they needed to run for safety under Her wings.

Well, that Mother Hen did exactly what she promised. She kept heading straight for the yard, straight for the coop, straight into the fox’s jaws. She sacrificed herself for all the chickens who had taken refuge under her wings. When she got to the coop, the fox’s hench-chickens seized her and handed her over to the fox, and the fox killed that Hen and devoured her. The chickens who had come to love the Hen were heartbroken.

But then a strange and wonderful thing happened: the fox got terribly sick for three days, and on third day, the fox died, and out came the Hen! The Hen returned, gathered up her entire brood under her wings. She herself became a place of blessing and shelter and peace for the chickens. The Mother Hen brought her brood back under the care of Farmer, where they were once more loved and fed, and where the fox could never harm them again.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

Posted on Thursday, February 25, 2016 by CJ Bowen