Bread and Wine for Tears

According to Psalm 80, when God is angry with you, and when the light of His face is not shining on you, He gives you tears for bread, and tears to drink. Tears taste bitter, and tears do not satisfy.

But when God restores us, our mouths are filled with joy and gladness, with rich red wine, and bread made from the finest wheat.

What makes the difference is Jesus. Jesus, who came into the world to deal with the iniquities that caused God to turn His face away, to atone for the sin that makes God angry.

So when you come to the Lord’s Table, what do you see? What do you taste?

Because you do not eat and drink tears, but bread and wine, you know that Jesus is here. And because Jesus is here in this meal, you know that God’s face is shining on you, and that His anger against you is gone. Jesus has changed the menu of this meal from a starvation diet of shame and regret into a joyful feast of love.

When you taste bread and wine instead of tears, know and believe that Jesus is here, and that God’s face shines upon you.

Posted on Tuesday, December 05, 2017 by CJ Bowen