A Mouth Full of Laughter

Is your mouth full of laughter? Does your tongue overflow with shouts of joy? We don’t usually think of laughter as a spiritual discipline, do we? And yet when we think about the great things the Lord has done for us, God means for us to be glad. So if you aren’t laughing, you aren’t listening. You are not obeying the will of God for you, the will of the God who commands you to rejoice always, and who gives you a reason to rejoice in Jesus Christ.

But, you say, I have many reasons for sadness. All around me I see injustice, strife, bitterness, betrayal, and death. My family is broken. My money is gone. My body is sick. I want to be glad, but my problems are bigger than my joy. How can Jesus expect me to laugh?

By faith, of course. Jesus calls you to believe that His salvation is bigger than your problems. The joy that He gives is bigger than your tears. You weep because of sickness – Jesus heals sickness with a word. You weep because of sin – Jesus takes away the sins of the world. You weep because of death – Jesus overcame death and promises to raise you as well. You weep because you are far away from God – God draws near to you in Jesus Christ. And so if you put your faith in Jesus, then there is nothing in your life bigger than the joy of the Lord.

At the Lord’s Table, God does a great thing for you: He puts Jesus in your mouth for you to eat and drink, so you can share in Jesus’ joy. By giving you Jesus, God fills your mouth with laughter, and your tongue with shouts of joy. So people of God, come to the table of joy, and let Jesus make you glad.

Posted on Wednesday, December 20, 2017 by CJ Bowen