The Open Home: Ten Suggestions - Romans 12:13

Here are ten ideas that will help you live out God’s call from Romans 12:13 to seek to show hospitality, beginning with five ideas for cultivating a hospitable home full of hospitable hearts, and then five suggestions for the practice of showing hospitality.

Number 1: put out an extra chair at the table at each meal. Set the expectation that your home is not just for you.

Number 2: Make hospitality a line item in the family budget. Hospitality is costly, and trying to do it with dollars that aren’t there won’t work.

Number 3: Surround hospitality with gratitude: when you show hospitality, make sure to thank each member of your family for the part they played. If you receive a thank-you note, read it to everyone, so that they will know their efforts were appreciated. When you receive hospitality, send a thank-you note, and have everyone at least sign it.

Number 4: Ask the kids who to invite. Involve them in the process of intentional hospitality. Sure, they will probably suggest their friends, but as long as they are involved in the process, you can broaden their horizons as you go. And they just might broaden yours, too.

Number 5: Prep your children with a question to ask of guests they don’t know. Include them in the conversation, and teach them about propriety and making guests feel welcome.

Number 6: Set a family goal for frequency – 6-8x a year, monthly, weekly – find what works for your family. Be ready for spur-of-the-moment opportunities, but seeking to show hospitality involves intentionality as well as spontaneity.

Number 7: Have a “hospitality meal” planned. Remember, you aren’t entertaining dignitaries; you are sharing what you have with others. It doesn’t need to be fancy; just have a plan, and keep most of what you need on hand, even if it’s a giant lasagna in the freezer!

Number 8: Prepare to sleep one more person or couple. Do you have an air mattress, and some extra sheets and towels? With Advent coming up next week, think about having Joseph and Mary knock on your door, and make room to show hospitality.

Number 9: Have a hospitality box/basket/bag. Fill it with toiletries, snacks, water bottles, and a card with your wi-fi password. Act like you are expecting guests, even before you know they’re coming!

Number 10: Start with your church family, and watch the church emails! You can tell when a church has really understood God’s hospitality towards them, because they show that same love and welcome to one another, and they start throwing sanctified elbows to be the first to open their homes up to others.

God has opened His home to you in Christ, and now He calls you to open up your home for Jesus’ sake, and the gospel’s. So seek to show hospitality!

Posted on Thursday, November 29, 2018 by CJ Bowen