The Supreme Court and the Final Day

Every time a significant decision is handed down by the Supreme Court, we are struck by the reminder that even the highest court in the land cannot give us confidence that justice has been done. In the wake of what history will call “a very bad decision”, few of us think that the matter is settled, much less that this ruling represents a shining day of liberty and justice for all. Even the Court itself was split down the middle – nearly half of the justices think that the wrong decision was made.
But in the middle of our muttering and grumbling, it is easy for us to lose perspective: what if the Supreme Court was in charge of your eternal destiny, or the destiny of your loved ones? We need to remember that our cases are coming up before a judge, as well. Your life goes before the Supreme judge, and He will rule on the deeds that you have done in the body. (2 Cor. 5:10). If that trial were to come before a human court, it would be terrifying. All it takes is one lie, one slip of the tongue, one error in judgment, and you could be condemned forever, with no further court of appeal.
Imagine that Jesus was a good conservative judge, the kind who would never let the Obedience Clause determine the outcome of your case. You’d be feeling pretty good about how things will go. But at the end of your trial, the verdict comes down- you’ve been judged according to the Law Clause, and you’ve been found very guilty. What if God were like that? What if Jesus were like a supposedly conservative Chief Justice that you thought you could depend on, but when it came down to it He made His decisions on a different basis than the one you expected?
But Christ’s Judgment Seat is nothing like the Supreme Court. This is why you can be absolutely confident in the decisions of God: God knows everything, He sees everything, He knows your thoughts and motivations, as well as your deeds. He understands perfectly what justice requires. This means that no one ends up in hell who doesn’t belong there, and no one makes it to heaven through a loophole. There is no second-guessing of the rulings that come from the Great White Throne. There will be no further litigation to settle a debated verdict. Only the judgments of God can provide the absolute certainty of complete, utter, and perfect justice.

Posted on Thursday, July 05, 2012 by CJ Bowen