CREC Moms' Group

The mothers in our Church meet monthly at the Atsinger home. Our time together will build our family bonds within the church and is open to any guests. We shall eat together, pray together and learn from one another, taking especial care to provide a forum for the more experienced among us to share. Our focus is that outlined in Titus 2:4 as we strive to honor the word of God and our relationship with Jesus through loving our husbands and our children better. A special program for preschoolers on site is arranged so that our mothers with little ones have the opportunity to fellowship without distraction. Preschoolers will enjoy a program designed to help them become more familiar with the Bible. They will learn Bible stories, verses and songs and exercise their minds and bodies through structured play

CREC Moms typically meet on the first Thursday of the month but see Calendar for exact dates and locations.